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Weekly Feed, Friday 3rd July 2015

From us

Amazing things have been happening as we build version one of the My next illustrator marketplace. We’ve received interest from some amazing illustrators who have taken the time out to also offer feedback. We’re grateful.

Our goals in launching the platform are becoming clearer; we’re working on 100% transparency as to how we will market the site and where every £ we receive from an illustrator is going each month. We’ll start documenting all of this and more on our blog here whilst also linking you to some amazing work and industry news.

From the industry

Students scoop the prize again in “Anglia Ruskin University’s illustrious illustrators scoop art prize for sixth consecutive year

Prada teams up with illustrators in “Prada teams up with 6 fashion illustrators to debut new eyewear collection

151 manga artists and illustrators in “New Book Features Three Kingdoms Artwork from 151 Illustrators

From the illustrators

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