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Weekly Feed, Friday 10th July 2015

From us

We’re now in beta so check us out. We’ll be buggy so stick with us as we continue to build the marketplace. Its a two sided typical chicken and egg problem but we are seeing some early traction on both the client and illustrator side. We’ll talk more about this over the coming weeks.

Another area we are concerning ourselves with is pricing. We’re testing a few price points and open to criticism, concerns or feedback. We don’t want to set any price in stone as our main aim is to build something of value first whilst also generate income to continue introducing features and market the platform. With this in mind, the first price point would be around £12/month for our UK based illustrators, around $18/month, €16 respectively.

From the industry

Bizarre illustration taking over in “Why Is This Bizarre Illustration Taking Over The Internet?

Some amazing illustrations from Creative Review in “New illustration: Wong Ping, Tom Cole, Owen Davey, Joe Morse, Jean Jullien & more

Multidisciplinary artist’s unique style in “Cool Girls & Fashion: Montreal Creative Tatiana Poblah’s Style Illustrations

From the illustrators


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